Suzhou Gold Ocean Has Organized A 8km Ancient Moat Ring Fitness Trail

Suzhou Gold Ocean has organized the staff for a 8km ancient moat ring fitness trail on May 21st, 2017, in order to to build fitness, tenacity and perseverance.


The Suzhou ancient moat ring fitness trail, providing pedestrians a chance to see some of Suzhou’s finest and most historic scenery. Divided into 7 sections, it covers 8km of open space, sites of specific scientific interest, a university campus and more.


The landscape and scenery along the ancient moat is extremely beautiful. Everywhere is full of green trees and colorful flowers, the air is refreshing, birds are singing on trees, it’s very nice place indeed!


At 8:30 am, all emplyees gathered at the company, then take subway to the  departure point. We wander along this peaceful, paved path with views over the river. Occasional boats pass by.


After 2 hours walk, we finally arrived the terminal point. Everyone is tired, but we are happy, and we had more passion in future work.