200m Road Program Control Fountain Located at National Park of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

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Project Name: 200m Road Fountain

Finish Time: August of 2009

Country: Kyrgyzstan


This project is located at 200m central avenue of National Park, south of Bishkek. There are total 29 small ponds arrayed at the center of the road. Each pond is installed with one gushing spray nozzle and one LED light. A big pond with 10 meters in diameter is placed at the middle of the road, inside which installed a floating program control fountain. Projected by multicolored LED lights, it is beautiful and eye-catching.

The National Park becomes one of the most popular resorts as soon as the opening of the fountain. Now the most common scene in the park is that young couples amble along the fountain, hand in hand. And the kids run from one pond to another, happily playing water and chase each other.




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