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Control System

Fountain Control System has the function of music collection. According to the characteristics of different music, the control system could give different control signal to the execution system to realize the dancing of fountain.

The designer could set the intensity of signal which corresponds to the key water features in the fountain to express the fountain beauty.


  1. AC380v/50Hz/3 phase;
  2. Working environment :0-25℃;
  3. Relative humidity: less than 80%, no condensate and steam.
  4. No corrosive air; keep ventilation;
  5. Not less than 15cm from ground, 60cm from the back wall for maintenance;
  6. Keep grounding connection system;
  7. The working time shall not exceed 2 hours. If needs to work longer, an interval of 20-30 minutes shall be taken, or mandatory ventilate to cool it down.

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