Program Control Fountain in Donetsk, Ukraine

  • Description

Project Name: 4 Pools Program Control Fountain

Finish Time: August of 2011

Country: Ukraine


This is a reconstruciton fountain project located at Donetsk, the fourth largest city in Ukraine. It is also one of the contructions for EURO 2012 which will be held in Donetsk.

The original fountain was built at 1966, and removed and reconstructed at the Spring of this year 2011. This fountain design consists of 4 pools, and between every two pools forming a waterfall. With the computerized control system and colorful LED lights, this is one of the most advanced and splendid fountains in Ukraine.
Due to its important location where is in front of the city council and its construction purpose, it attracted great attention of the local media and press. Our technicians were also interviewed by the local TV station during its installation. "Donetsk is a beautiful city, and we are very happy that our foutnain can be part of this city, and I’m sure it will make this city more beautiful", said Mr Jimmy Gu, the Marketing Manager of Gold Ocean Company, to the Journalist.



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