Warranty Policy

(“Suzhou Gold Ocean Co., Ltd” hereafter refer to as “Gold Ocean”)


Within 12 months after installation of fountain:


1. Gold Ocean shall offer the Buyer reasonable quantity of spare parts together with the goods free of charge;


2. After installation, Gold Ocean shall offer training toward the technicians of the Buyer/end user to enable them to operate and maintain the fountain. Meanwhile, Gold Ocean shall offer them the written manuals in English as well, so that the Buyer/end user can solve some problems and replace the broken parts by themselves;


3. In this case shall exempt the free maintenance obligation of Gold Ocean--disoperation and mis-maintenance of end user which against the training and manuals offered by Gold Ocean;


4. For the replaced broken parts on the Gold Ocean’s account, the Buyer/end user shall keep it (don't through away) and await the Gold Ocean’s instruction of treatment. In some cases, Gold Ocean needs to recall it back for technical evaluation. If the broken parts are arisen from misoperation of end user, the cost shall be refunded by the Buyer;


5. If the spare parts has been used up (not due to misoperation of end user), Gold Ocean shall send to client the new ones free of charge based on sea shipment. If the Buyer prefer airplane transportation or any other courier express, ie DHL, UPS etc, the air freight or courier fee needs to be paid by the Buyer;


6. For the malfunctions of fountain, the Buyer/end user shall provide detailed report of the problem for Gold Ocean to diagnose, and the Buyer/end user shall strictly execute the solution provided by Gold Ocean.


7. In the case that the problem cannot be solved by the Buyer/end user after paying reasonable efforts even though fully executing the Gold Ocean’s solution, and both the Buyer and Gold Ocean think it is necessary to have technicians from Gold Ocean to fountain site, Gold Ocean shall send technician(s) to fountain site to solve this problem. The round-trip flight ticket(s) and other living cost in the Buyer’s country shall be paid by the Buyer. If the problem is not due to misoperation of the Buyer/end user, the cost of repairing and replacement of parts shall be paid by Gold Ocean. If the problem is due to misoperation of the Buyer/end user, the Buyer shall pay for above cost. The on-site service of Gold Ocean is free of charge.


Out of 12 months after installation of fountain:


1. Gold Ocean shall offer technical support for any occurred problems free of charge.